New App – Patient Assisted Charting with AtriaMD

This blog addresses Patient Assisted Charting with our new app AtriaMD.

I’m Dr. Calvin Johnston, a family doctor practicing in Toronto.  

AtriaMD reduces charting time and improves the completeness of your notes by asking the routine questions before the visit starts.  Patients enter their reason for visit, then answer adaptive questions on our secure website. We give you an elegant progress note to build on.  Faster than templates with reduced risk of error.  Focus on what you do best – listening, synthesis, critical thinking, and patient education – and stop trying to wedge patients into templates.

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Here are some details:

AtriaMD is designed to gather routine, robotic elements of the HPI – things like onset, risk factors, aggravating and alleviating factors, etc.  It can also gather past medical history and medication lists.

It then condenses those responses and provides a succinct, chart-friendly summary for the physician, which you or your staff can copy from the app into your EMR before the visit begins. You can just confirm it for accuracy, and modify as needed.  That gives you the bulk of your subjective section, and then you’re just left with the objective assessment and plan. 

There are multiple benefits to you.  In addition to the documentation, you’ll also have a patient who has been more prepared for your visit.  The patient will have already thought carefully about things like “When did it start?” and “What is making it worse?”  This makes for a smoother and faster visit.

Patient privacy is protected multiple ways, first and foremost using deidentification.  The basic concept is that your admin assistant will generate a unique ID for each patient.  AtriaMD then sends the patient a link by text (or you can email it if desired) and then the responses come back to you tied to that link, but that ID is not attached to any patient identifiers like name or birthdate or anything that will allow the patient to be identified in the outside world.

Your admin assistant keeps track of which ID within the app goes with which patient in the real world.  You can put chart numbers on the app to help facilitate, since only people in your EMR will know which number goes with which patient or you can keep a separate log in Excel or paper and pencil if you want.

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to try it out!