Less time charting
means more time to care.

Make the most of your time with your patients.

Meet AtriaMD

A smart medical web-app to streamline the patient encounter.

Valuable info for doctors
Imagine having a basic HPI and PMH ready for you before the encounter begins. That's the AtriaMD advantage.
Milliseconds to question #1
Your patient receives a text message, and with a single click they are answering questions on their phone's internet browser. No app to install, no logins to remember.
Smart questions, better prepared patients
The AtriaMD smart app asks the right questions to stimulate the patient to think through HPI details, improving accuracy and efficiency in the encounter.
Incredibly simple for patients
Our fast, streamlined interface and adaptive question selection makes the process a breeze.
Less data entry, more quality time
The info from your patient is delivered straight to your computer, where it can be pasted into the patient's chart.
Optimized for COVID-19
Save your front desk staff time with COVID-19 screening. Reduced physical exposure time means increased safety for everyone.
Security is our middle name
We take security of the utmost seriousness. No personally-identifiable information is ever collected. Ever.
Works on all devices
As long as your patient has a smartphone, they can use the AtriaMD app, right in your lobby.

Ready to get the AtriaMD advantage?